Hello February – shortest month of 2022.  You survived the post-holiday month of January, as well as the bitter coldness this month brings.  You welcome this new month with open arms knowing that warmer months are making their way to you.  How is your morale?  We often find the early months of the New Year quite challenging with less sunlight, perhaps unfulfilled resolutions and lack of motivation.  This is exactly the time to restart, continue or make a fresh start.


It may mean you are ready to declutter, reorganize or redecorate your space.  It may mean you begin with a daily gratitude journal.  It may mean treating yourself to some beautiful fresh flowers to place on your counter or open your windows to let in the crispness of Winter.  It may mean to get rid of old, past due, empty creams and cosmetics.  A small step in the right direction is all it really takes.  Do what feeds your soul and refreshes your spirit.


The beauty of any of the above suggestions is that you are doing something for you.  What, when and how is your choice but be prepared to feel a sense of accomplishment, a notion of less is more and a wink and smile in the mirror that you got this.  The best part of getting rid of what no longer serves you is treating yourself with something new, after all – you deserve it.  Why not refresh your skin care products, start a new self-care routine or invite yourself to a luxuriating spa treatment.  Life is about the little things, self-care and living your best life.  Enjoy your journey and create your own calm daily.


Keep Shining Bright, 


The BSE team

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