Living a Filterless, Authentic Life

What does it mean to truly ​live a filterless, authentic life? While everyone has their own definition, most of us can agree that it involves embracing your true self and expressing it genuinely, without conforming to anyone’s expectations.


As we built out our incredible #BSEunfiltered campaign, we sat down with Beate and Tasch–the founders of BSE–to hear what living a filterless, authentic life truly means to them. Read on below to find out!


BSE: What does living a filterless life look like for you? 


Beate: Living a filterless life, to me, means embracing your true self without hiding behind a “mask”. It encompasses being genuine, transparent, and unapologetically real. 


Tasch: To me, it also means being unapologetically yourself in all aspects of life. Breaking free from the need to conform or to please others, and instead, prioritizing your own well-being. Being filterless means having the courage to be vulnerable, to show your imperfections and insecurities, and to embrace your unique qualities!


BSE: Does this apply only to the digital world?


Beate: The notion of being ‘filterless’ certainly extends to the digital world. However, it is equally important in offline interactions and personal experiences.


BSE: What is authenticity to you?


Beate: Authenticity is about being true to oneself. It involves embracing your unique qualities, values, and beliefs, without compromising them for the sake of others' expectations or societal pressures. It is about staying genuine, honest, and aligned with your core identity.


Tasch: Absolutely. By living authentically, we can cultivate deeper connections with others, as people are more likely to relate and connect with genuine individuals. 


BSE: How do you show up authentically? 


Tasch: We’ve always believed in showing up authentically by nurturing a deep sense of self-awareness and self-acceptance. For us, this means honoring our own needs, our desires, and especially our boundaries–but also respecting the authenticity of others. 


Beate: Absolutely–it’s important for both of us to express ourselves honestly, be vulnerable when appropriate, and cultivate meaningful connections based on genuine interactions. 


This also means staying true to one's values and making choices that align with personal integrity, which we also apply to the BSE brand every single day. For example, we bring our own experiences, perspectives, and routines to every consultation in order to deliver expert guidance that’s fit for your real life. 


We also regularly partner with our clients to share expert information and insight–especially through the SKNKRE podcast–that’s based on years of experience in skincare and esthetics. 


How do you live a filterless, authentic life?


Until next time,


The BSE Team


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