Mindfulness With Alex von Huene

We often think that being mindful requires engaging in a special activity like meditation or yoga. Yet, there are so many simple meditative moments in our day where we can tune into our breath and be aware of what we are feeling in order to enhance our well-being and mitigate our stress. Practicing daily mindfulness and giving ourselves a mental “pause” is incredibly beneficial for our health!


In light of this, we had a chat with Alex Von Huene––​​founder of Illume Festival and Studio Muv, based in Hudson, Quebec––in order to dig a bit deeper into his mind and learn about his connection with mindfulness. Alex’s insights are based on his own personal experience with stress, including how his daily meditative practice has changed his overall outlook on life.


BSE: What are the daily benefits of a regular mindfulness routine? 


Alex: There are many benefits to a daily mindfulness routine, including improved stress management. A daily mindfulness practice can help you look inward and better understand how you react to the causes of stress. By disengaging yourself from your reaction, you can instead respond in a better way to get the outcome you desire.


It’s important to check in with yourself many times daily, by making an effort to be in the present moment, without paying attention to what's going on around you.


BSE: Who can benefit from a regular yoga practice? 


Alex: Everyone benefits! Yoga is an ancient practice and has proven helpful in the management of body pain, arthritis, depression, anxiety, stress, and more. It’s an ancient practice that helps humans to live better by increasing and improving focus, flexibility, body strength, and checking out from daily distractions. People of any background can reap the benefits of yoga and quickly notice the difference in their posture and mental chatter.


BSE: Do you think practicing yoga at home is better than in a studio (or vice versa)?


Both will have their advantages. Practicing in-studio allows for a stronger human connection. It can be easier to follow along since the instruction is personal, hence also making it easier to focus. 


Meanwhile, practicing at home is convenient if you are traveling, short on time, don't live near a studio, or prefer to practice when you want!


BSE: How do you implement mindfulness in your own life, and how does it improve your wellbeing?


Alex: I always try to pay attention and be mindful of the present moment. I practice mindfulness by implementing present moment awareness every day, which has helped me destress, calm my mind, and slow my thoughts so that I can think more clearly.


You can reserve your tickets for the Illume Yoga Festival right here or attend a MUV class any day of the week to sprinkle just a little bit more mindfulness into your life. 


Until next time,


The BSE Team


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