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Skin Profile Analysis: Dehydrated Skin with Lenny

Skin Profile Analysis: Dehydrated Skin with Lenny

This week on the blog, meet Lenny––one of the incredible BSE clients who recently started her professional skincare journey with us. Following our consultation, her primary objectives were relatively simple: even out her skin tone and improve her skin’s texture, radiance, and hydration. Read on below for a sneak peek into her professional consult and see how we tailored a professional regimen to meet her top priorities!




  • Lenny is 26 and tends to lean towards the dry skin profile. She observes smaller pores and dry skin flakes and tends not to have much shine as she doesn’t have an oily T-zone.  
  • Lenny's secondary concerns focus on the eyes, including crow's feet, dark circles, puffiness, sensitivity, and drooping upper lids.
  • Lenny was using a mix of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.
  • Before sun exposure, Lenny’s skin tone is dark brown. She has dark brown eyes, naturally dark brown hair, and skin that rarely freckles, rarely burns, and always tans.


When we asked Lenny about her skincare goals, she emphasized wanting to achieve a healthy, hydrated glow. Since she doesn’t struggle with breakouts or visible signs of aging, her goal was to maintain her skin health with the help of professional products.




After hearing her goals and concerns, we put Lenny on a personalized BSE program. We recommended she go with the Biophora line, an outstanding professional brand that creates products and formulas based on years of field research. 


They are focused only on the most proven and highly regarded concepts in skin care today and require a virtual consultation with one of our skincare professionals to ensure that their products are best suited and safe for your use.





“I am loving this routine!” Lenny told us after our check-in. “Just by introducing professional products, I've noticed a change in the moisture barrier on my face, so I no longer get flaky, dry spots; my pores have reduced significantly, and my skin tone looks a lot more even overall.”


Whether you're starting your skincare journey or looking to revamp your routine, remember that each person's skin is unique. Tailoring your skincare regimen to your specific needs and goals is the key to unlocking your skin's natural beauty–and it’s never too late to start. Reserve your virtual consultation with our professional team today!


Until next time,


The BSE Team


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