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Women in Skincare

Women in Skincare

At BSE, we always put professional skincare at the forefront of everything that we do. That being said, behind all the research, the knowledge, the products, and the brands are an incredible arsenal of women who deserve the recognition and celebration of their achievements. 


This month especially, we wanted to highlight a few of these inspirational women. We wanted to put forward why their brands are not only some of the best in the game, but run by brilliant women who know exactly what they are talking about! 


Jan Marini is the Founder & Chairman of the Board at Jan Marini Skin Research. She has been a product researcher for well over 40 years, focusing on ingredients and eventually exploring emerging technologies in skincare. She explains how in the early to mid-eighties, she was part of the group of people who were the first glycolic acid pioneers––an ingredient that has now become one of the most efficacious topical agents in both the medical community and consumer market.


Jan also gave educational lectures to physicians, medical professionals, and multiple skincare professionals for many years. Eventually, JMSR was born because she wanted to introduce these technologies and elevate the professional market through education.


Since then, JMSR has been awarded the prestigious New Beauty award of “Best Skin Care System” 11 consecutive years in a row––and has 5 studies published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, a peer-reviewed medical publication. 


Maude Guillemette is a NAOS national trainer for both Esthederm and Bioderma––two brands we absolutely love here at BSE. 


Maude has been working in the medical aesthetic field for the past 12 years. She began as a medical aesthetic technician before becoming the manager of the clinic and eventually becoming a trainer for medical aesthetic devices and treatments. Institut Esthederm has been an essential part of her practice for the last 6 years, where she fell in love with their philosophy and approach to all facets of skin care. 


When we asked Maude what she was most proud of in her career, her answer was simple and straightforward: so many years of experience in the field is a big accomplishment! NAOS cares deeply about everyone they work with and sell to, and being able to have reached a position where she can educate people about taking the best care of their skin is a huge honour.


Mariam White of Biologique Recherche is the Founder & CEO of Living Beauty Inc, which she brought to life after working 10 years in the medical skincare industry.


When we asked her what she is most proud of having accomplished in her career, she told us: “I’m most proud to work with the best beauty pros in Canada. I’ve seen many of them start their businesses and grow with us along the way, and it’s incredible to see how entrepreneurship and hard work can transform someone’s life.”


Sarah-Jane Fitzpatrick is both the Aesthetics Clinical Team Lead and a trainer for the Skin Health Division and Aesthetic Capital Division at Clarion. After nearly 20 years in the industry, she has worked clinics running lasers, performing consultations, helping patients achieve their skincare goals, educating patients on the importance of a skincare regimen.


“Because technology and skincare are forever changing and evolving,” she says, “working for Clarion allows me to witness first hand and be a part of that innovation.” Her thirst for knowledge and passion for the industry keeps her going every day!


Joanne Hendry is the Owner and Founder of SkinVacious. Joanne noticed the skin improvements were short-term followed by an overall decline in skin health, which is what initially inspired her to take a deeper look into the effects of the different modalities on skin function.  


After learning more about skin regeneration and anti-inflammatory modes of healing, she stumbled across microneedling. About six months later, she and her business partner realigned their spa & facial services to incorporate microneedling. SkinVacious was born, and by 2017, the brand was being distributed across Canada.


Along the same lines, it was under the lead of Manon Pilon (President & Director of Research and Development PhysioDermie and Nelly de Vuyst) that Physiodermie became an exclusive distributor in Canada and opened offices across the country. Once the brand was acquired and expanded to Belgium, she began working with the best universities and researchers in skincare and is now extremely proud to produce locally, right here in Québec––selling the best products that are delivering sustainable results around the world! 


Without these women, the medical skincare industry would simply not be the same––and neither would BSE. It is with honour that we celebrate these women not only this month, but every single day!


Until next time,


The BSE Team


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