Sensibio H2O AR

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The effectiveness and versatility of Sensibio AR come from its formula. Its exclusive Rosactiv™ patent helps to visibly decrease the look of redness and provides comfort and radiance while its natural D.A.F. complex helps to improve skin tolerance, targeting visible redness. Its formula improves the cutaneous hydration barrier and helps to support skin’s ability to defend against external aggressions (cold…). Soothing agents such as avocado extract, canola and glycerin offer immediate, comfort for your skin.

If you are subject to visible redness, Sensibio AR is the indicated daily skincare. First, cleanse your face with one of our Sensibio products. You are now ready to use Sensibio AR. If you have a prescription, apply it once or twice a day, based on your doctor’s advice, as a single skincare or combined with a medical treatment. If you don’t have a prescription but still make visible redness reduction a priority, apply Sensibio AR twice a day on the whole face, before your usual skincare product. In case of intense overheating, Sensibio AR can be combined with Sensibio Forte. In case of sunny weather, use a solar protection for sensitive skin, such as our Photoderm range.

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