2020 Goals

It’s a new year… wait, it’s actually a new decade. Cheers! NOW is the perfect time to set new and improved skin care goals to your daily routine.  As with everything related to health, prevention and action is key to ensure you maintain, improve and enhance your natural beauty in every way possible.  We are not suggesting the traditional “New Year’s Resolution”, rather we are encouraging you to make a new (or improved) commitment to yourself.  A fresh start with a personal promise for self-care and self-love.  It’s never too late to take the first step, even if you have never used a moisturizer or SPF protection and have no idea what to do.  We are here to help, let’s chat…

Be honest with yourself. As a first step, ask yourself a few important questions. Here are five (5) to help guide you with decisions, choices and realizations: 

  1. If there was something you could change about your skin, what would it be (anything else, anything else)? If you are not sure, look at yourself in a mirror (clean skin, without make-up) and point out the area(s) you would like to improve and/or where you have noticed undesirable changes. It’s best to do this in the morning after a restful sleep. The trick is to have three (3) areas to work on, as a priority, and as your skin improves your concerns and needs will change. Skin care is an evolution, which always moves and changes, therefore, what you may use the first quarter of this year could be completely different than the rest of the year.
  2. What is your skin type? Does your skin feel dry and/or dehydrated? Do you have an oily t-zone (at what time during the day do you notice it)? Does your skin feel sensitive? Do you experience redness (when)? Do you have oily skin (this is when you face is shiny within an hour of washing it, with excess oiliness on your cheeks and forehead (not just your t-zone))? Does your skin feel normal, without any noticeable dryness or oiliness?
  3. What is your commitment level? This is a huge and it doesn’t only relate to budget, it’s about how important your skin is to you. Do you want to take steps to prevent, correct and change? Or do you want to wait and see what happens? Does your grandmother have amazing skin, so you automatically assume you will too?  Are you willing to start a consistent daily & weekly skin care routine? With regards to how much you can (or want to) spend, don’t worry you will find solutions to meet your budget. You can always start off slow and add as you go.  Most products last approximately 3-6 months and the daily cost averages between $2 and $5.  This is super affordable when you consider the benefits and it costs less that a Starbucks Grande Latte #thinkaboutit.
  4. Is there something you strongly believe in? Another important reflection. This can include the type of brand you want to use, such as: made in Canada, vegan, medical-grade, organic and so on. Perhaps you want to use products that have beautiful packaging and smell delicious.  Or maybe you want no fragrance at all.  Make a list to understand what’s important to you.  We promise you will find the brand that identifies with you.  Heck, you may even use a combination of two to three different brands to get where you want to go. Anything is possible!
  5. What’s your current skin care regime and is it working? Let’s face it, almost everyone uses some sort of product(s), like a face cleanser, moisturizer and body/hand cream.  Based on the above questions, are the products you are using supporting your goals?  Are you seeing results?  Were they recommended to you under professional guidance by someone who asked questions, listened and provided a full consultation with step-by-step instructions?  If the products you are using are not bringing the results and experience you want, it’s time to change.  If you are going to commit and spend time and money… you may as well use products that match your goals and bring you results, right?

Once you have determined your concerns, skin type, commitment level, the type of brand you want to use and evaluated your current regime: design a realistic and effective routine that you will follow without fail.  A true skin care routine should be followed morning, evening and weekly.  We understand that life gets busy for everyone, but there are some things that absolutely cannot be ignored and that’s your skin, your largest organ #takecareofit.

Remember that each product you use, should be directly linked to your skin type and what you are trying to achieve #results.  Just because your BFF uses a certain cleanser and loves it, doesn’t mean it’s the right one for you.  Skin care can be tailored on every level; there is a solution for everything. Your morning and evening routine will be quite similar, with a few minor adjustments.  It’s super easy, won’t take much time and we encourage you to embrace and enjoy the process. In fact, we want you to look forward to it!


  • Clean your skin with a cleanser. Your base (face) has to be perfectly clean to optimize skin health and to ensure proper absorption of the products that follow.
  • Tone with a Toner, Lotion or Essences. This essential cleansing step balances pH and prepares your skin to optimize delivery of all active ingredients in the products that follow.
  • Serums (Boosters/Ampoules) and Eye Creams are concentrated products used to tackle specific concerns. They can be used alone or layered, in order to achieve desired results. Tip: we recommend starting with a serum(s) and eye cream in your early 20’s #prevention.
  • Imperfections (i.e. acne) apply specific spot treatments, rather than over-cleansing the face with products that can be harsh and abrasive. Over-cleansing (over-exfoliation) exasperates these challenges, often resulting in reactions such as excess sebum production, extra outbreaks, sensitivity and inflammation.
  • Moisturizer apply an effective hydrating cream to protect and repair. You may choose to use a light moisturizer during the day and a richer one at night. PS. Don’t forget to hydrate your body and hands every day.


  • Sunscreen after your moisturizer, apply a sunscreen with a SPF 30 (minimum).
  • Makeup apply per your regular routine. You may want to wait a few minutes before applying your foundations and powers, to allow your skin care products to completely absorb. Mineral based makeup is an excellent choice, as it is natural and allows the skin to breathe #antiaging.


  • Specific Treatments (Exfoliants)for this step, be sure to speak to a specialist (Dermatologist, Nurse and/or Aesthetician) about the right products for your skin type. These specific treatments may include products for conditions such as acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.  They are often more intense and require supervision for optimal results.


  • Clean your skin with a cleanser. 
  • Exfoliate at least once, but no more than twice weekly. This step gently removes dead cells (cleans pores), allowing for better absorption of product resulting in a fresh & glowing complexion.
  • Mask / Night-Mask works like an ultra-booster for hydration, radiance and can also help to support corrective treatments including anti-aging, pigment and even acne.

Set your goals and make them happen.  We are here to help, so never hesitate to reach out (info@bskinenvie.ca) or DM us @boutiqueskinenvie

Happy New Year,

Tasch xxx

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