BSE Spotlight: Davincia

Made in Canada and beloved by all skincare professionals, all Davincia products are natural, professionally endorsed, and highly effective. Designed to preserve the skin's biological integrity and actively target skin concerns, the brand’s product collections definitely deserve to be discovered. Read on below to learn more about the brand! 




Nathalie Forget is both a dermonaturopath and the incredible woman behind Davincia®. By age 33, after starting her career in cosmetic dermatology, she became the head of a network of 11 medical cosmetic clinics–and yet, she still struggled with acne. After trying all sorts of products and treatments that not only were useless but also left burns, marks, and scars on her face, she began searching for a healthy, effective, and lasting solution to common skin problems, without all the drawbacks.




After seven years of research, Davincia’s Biocompatible Care® was born–one of only a few patented products developed by a woman under 40. The patent became a genuine revolution in cosmetics, as its products were composed of living ingredients and used the science of skin flora to tackle 15 problems in just one hour. 


Biocompatible Care® clears away chemical substances that destroy the skin’s flora. It’s a multipurpose treatment that detoxifies, revitalizes, and corrects without compromising the skin’s biological integrity. No other product simultaneously addresses 15 skin concerns in just one hour.


Before use, the skin should be analyzed and specific needs assessed before the mask is used. Biocompatible Care® is therefore only available from retailers, like us here at BSE and the Skinenvie Medispa, that trained by Davincia®.




Davincia® products are all 100% Canadian; made in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) laboratory in Quebec, Canada; and licensed by Health Canada. The company also won the 2023 Innovation Awards as the Best Canadian Brand. 


Each formula is designed to protect your skin’s health and pH balance, as they only contain natural ingredients specifically selected for their benefits. Wherever possible, raw materials from organic farming are prioritized, and all ingredients and testing procedures are cruelty-free.




All of the brand's products fall into specific categories that target specific body surfaces and/or concerns. The collections include:


  • Sunbrella™, a product line made of 100% mineral, natural, and environmentally friendly sunscreens–providing unparalleled protection against UV rays and the effects of blue light.
  • Silweta™, a line of products designed for the body–reinvigorates, tones, and softens skin while targeting loss of firmness, cellulite and fat deposits.
  • Dolce™, a line of products specifically formulated for the hands and feet–relieves and repairs dry, rough, and cracked skin.
  • Purliv™, a daily hygiene product line, has natural active ingredients that provide a lasting feeling of freshness. 
  • Virtue™, a line of specialized products, soothes the symptoms of specific problems such as eczema. 
  • And more!


You can check out the brand’s best products as well as shop each of their collections right here 




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