BSE Spotlight: Sustainable Brands

With Earth Day 2023 around the corner, we felt it was important to highlight the brands that create products with minimal environmental impact and prioritize eco-friendly packaging. Not only are these companies the pillars of change, but their professional formulas reflect their values and remain of superior quality nonetheless––which makes us love them even more!




It can get confusing to differentiate the different types of eco-friendly brands and products, as they often intersect different classifications. Many brands will adopt two or more of the terms below, which explains why these terms are often used synonymously:


  • Sustainable: Sustainable packaging is simply packaging that is environmentally friendly. In order to determine whether or not the packaging is sustainable, the best sustainable packaging manufacturers will conduct a full life cycle assessment to determine a product’s environmental impact (and not just what it’s made of).
  • Clean: Clean brands will formulate products that contain non-toxic ingredients. However, these can be both natural and/or synthetic. 
  • Vegan: Vegan products are not tested on animals and contain ingredients that do not come from animals or animal by-products. 
  • Organic: Unlike clean or natural products, organic strictly refers to ingredients that are farmed without pesticides, chemicals, or artificial fertilizers. They also do not contain GMOs.




Below are some of the BSE-carried brands that visibly stand out for their environmental efforts. We couldn’t be prouder to share them with you and help you shop all of their incredible products!




Vivier’s continuous initiative to make the world a greener place puts social responsibility and sustainability at the forefront of their efforts. They continually work to reduce their carbon footprint by prioritizing paperless processes, excluding animal testing, using biodegradable microbeads in their products, and sourcing only sustainable packagings.  




All Jane Iredale products are committed to clean beauty through straightforward principles. All products are cruelty-free; they engage in no animal testing; and they contain no synthetic fragrances. 


Their beliefs are fundamentally rooted in the idea that beauty can strengthen and benefit the skin, without the need for any harmful toxins. 




Graydon makes a point to ensure the use of innovative, sustainable, and eco-friendly packaging; local production; ingredient verifications; and carbon offsetting. They are very transparent about their initiatives to reduce their ecological footprint in their magazine, Mindful Beauty




Glo Skin obsessively researches its formulations to curate consciously clean, mineral-based, and clinically-proven skincare products and cosmetics. Their raw materials and finished products are never tested on animals, and they are proud members of PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies. While only a select range of their products are currently vegan, they have committed to taking the full plunge by the end of 2023!




Amika has pledged to reach Net Zero by 2030, meaning reducing their carbon emissions to zero when possible and offsetting them when not. Amika is also B-Corp certified and has done some deep, company-wide examinations to reduce their environmental footprint.


Less water usage, better ingredients, less energetic waste, less plastic, sustainable packaging, and better production processes are all part of their goals. Amika is equally as committed to packaging with a purpose: they use PCR plastics, have introduced refill pouches, and have an ongoing recycling partnership with TerraCycle®.


We are so proud to put these brands forward. These companies' efforts are what pave the way for other brands to do the same and help us all unite towards the most important cause of our lifetime: the safety of our planet. 


You can support each of these companies and our connected values by shopping them all online right here


Until next time, 


The BSE Team


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