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In light of Earth Day 2023, it was important for us to highlight the brands that make an environmental difference. We would be remiss if we didn’t highlight the incredible work of the Davines Group: the most important global network of companies that have adopted a sustainable business model.


Read on below to learn more about the group and its three brands (comfort zone, Davines, and skin regimen) as well as all about their sustainability mojo!


The Davines group––which encompasses Comfort Zone, Davines, as well as /skin regimen/––is highly committed to meeting the highest sustainability standards. The global company is a certified B Corp, meaning they have gone through a quantitative procedure that analyses every environmental aspect of its business activity. Since their launch, their priority is aimed at the use of natural ingredients and minimizing the impact on the planet.




Davines, which focuses primarily on haircare, is an entirely carbon-neutral company. In a constant effort toward decarbonization (reducing and equally compensating the emissions of carbon dioxide), 99.7% of their energy comes from renewable sources. Over 63% of their products are packaged with recycled or bio-based plastics, and they’ve partnered with Plastic Bank to help collect over 100 tons of plastic in coastal areas. 


In fact, their extensive sustainability report brings light to all of their biodiversity and waste-reducing efforts, as they continue to lead the industry by example.




Comfort Zone has been focusing on eco-designing their packaging, reducing the use of natural resources, and introducing refillable solutions. This means that they are also progressively replacing all virgin plastics with recycled plastic or bio-based plastic, as well as reducing the weight of their glass product packaging.


As of that year, their collaboration with Plastic Bank ensured that for every product sold, an equal amount of ocean-bound plastic was to be collected and removed from the environment.


The Comfort Zone Village campus has also focused its scientific research to support small-to-mid-size European farms. By supporting farmers in the region, the Village focuses on proper organic management in a Mediterranean climate and helps to deepen a closer relationship between personal care ingredients and farming.


/skin regimen/


/skin regimen/ is now a CO2-neutral brand that sponsors a reforestation program in order to compensate for the carbon dioxide emissions caused during packaging production. 


Products are made using electricity solely from renewable resources. The entire product line is also plant-based and uses only natural scents––a huge step forward in avoiding animal testing and excess waste.


In 2019, the Davines Group achieved carbon neutrality reducing and offsetting the carbon dioxide emissions of all its offices worldwide––giving them their products the ‘Zero Impact’ title. No waste generated by the production plant and HQ offices is disposed of in dumping grounds.


When such companies prove these exemplary environmental practices, they indicate to all of us that it is entirely achievable and urgent for the well-being of our planet. It is equally our honor to support such brands and continue to put them forward.


Until next time, remember to take care of the land you stand on. 


The BSE Team


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