BSE Spotlight: The SKNKRE Podcast

ICYMI, on top of the launch of our BSE app, managing the Skinenvie Medispa & Boutique (with partners Robby Bennet and Alexa Barron), and our day-to-day operations where we help you achieve the skin of your absolute dreams: we launched a podcast!!!


That’s absolutely right; the SKNKRE podcast is here and we couldn’t be more excited to have you tag along. Throughout our weekly episodes, we’ll be discussing skincare, haircare, body care, mindfulness, wellness, and more. Essentially, everything you need to know in order to tap into your most radiant self!


Our goal with this podcast is to continue to help educate every single person who checks out BSE. We want people to learn and understand more about skin, hair, and all facets of their wellness––all factors that play in the equation of overall health. 


We want to have insightful conversations with experts in the industry, helping people to learn and ask questions about their products and habits in order to make the best choices for themselves. Our guests are brand leaders and experts in their field of knowledge, making them the best resource for all the skincare topics you can dream of.


Ultimately, we want people to understand that there are niche, specialized products that actually do bring forward successful results. We want people to see that skincare is accessible, affordable, and an enjoyable part of your life!


Most importantly, we hope people retain that everything BSE stands for involves community, fun, health, inclusivity, and expertise. We want to bring to the table a relatable, easy-to-understand, and hopeful outlook on skincare. We want people to know that they aren’t alone in their skin challlenges, in their questions, or simply in their daily anecdotes. We’re a mother-daughter duo that is always here to support, inspire, and share some laughs while doing it. 


More than business partners, Beate and Tasch are the mother-daughter team behind the BSE experience and brand. They bridge years of experience in the beauty care industry with a fresh perspective on today’s latest developments, products, lines, and brands. Together, they offer a special blend of relatable care and wellness insight, sprinkled with a few laughs, and a lot of fun. Join them every week for a refreshing take on self-care, accessible insight, and a uniquely relatable dialogue between BSE’s mother-daughter founders and their industry-leading guests. 


Until next time, make sure to tune into the SKNKRE Podcast––available on Spotify and Apple Music! 


Happy listening,


The team at BSE


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