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If you have yet to discover Vivier Pharmaceuticals, your skin is about to thank you. We had the pleasure of sharing an inspiring discussion about the science behind skincare and the future of the brand with Co-President Mike Vivier, of Vivier right here in the heart of Vaudreuil-Dorion (QC).


BSE: Tell us all about the background story: how did Vivier come to life?


Mike: My father Jess started his career in pharmaceuticals as a sales representative and worked very hard to become one of the youngest sales managers for a major pharmaceutical company at 27 years old.  He dedicated over the next 30 years to launching innovative medications and devices to help advance healthcare and personal care. 


My mother dedicated her career to clinical research of pharmaceutical medications and devices.  Her profound interest in skincare grew stronger the more and more she used products that weren’t giving her the results they promised.


By combining both of their skillsets, my parents birthed the idea of Vivier in 1997. To develop products that really worked and would give transformative results.  Vivier was only truly born in 2000, after 3 years of intensive research and development.  My father had a strong passion for not only dermatology in general but understanding and analyzing the entire physiology of the skin.  To understand the skin is to understand how Vivier products work!


Vivier came to be because we care so deeply about how the skin transforms over time.  It is very important to fully understand why and how the skin ages if we want to treat or prevent aging and skin conditions.  We rely on science and chemistry to create our products.  What sets us apart is our understanding of how skin and its cells truly function and then creating products with ingredients naturally found in the skin.  Our butterfly logo represents this metamorphosis and transformation.  After all, Vivier products are all about “The Beauty of Results”.


BSE: Who Vivier's target client?


Mike: This is a great question. Let’s start by stating the obvious: it is no secret that we all succumb to aging.


Now, pre-teens and teenagers will first experience hormonal aging––involving acne, post-inflammatory pigmentation, oily skin, etc. Those in their early 20s are discovering and embracing the power of skincare, experimenting with what gives them the best results. And then, we have those who are approaching 30 and most often share a common experience: skin goes through a noticeable change. The significant decline in polyamines and collagen (around 1% each year!) around this age causes the skin to thin and lose its elasticity, hence making it much more vulnerable to photoaging damage and wrinkling.


Vivier is there to help everyone fight the early onset of the symptoms, as we pride ourselves in enhancing one’s beauty through preventative skincare. Beauty and skin health go hand in hand because the better our skin looks, the more confident we are and the more beautiful we feel! 


While our products are by most used by women between the ages of 30 and 65, our wide range of products caters to every skin type and need.


BSE: What would you say is Vivier's specialty in the medical skincare industry?


Mike: Most importantly, Vivier products use our Intra-Dermal System.  This delivery system helps to deliver the products and active ingredients into the skin for maximum absorption and efficacy.  Vivier is the only brand to have this proprietary IDS system.


Our active ingredients are all USP (United States Pharmacopeias) pharmaceutical grade.  This means that you will get the best quality, maximum potency and superior efficacy as these ingredients are the best for the skin and results.    


Our products are made in the highest quality pharmaceutical facilities and are all tested at pharmaceutical standards.  This means you will always have the best possible products, consistency and quality.  When you use Vivier products you know and can trust that you are doing the best thing for your skin. 


Moreover, our products are carefully crafted and formulated to be elegant with incredible textures that just melt into the skin.  The feel is ultra-luxurious and leaves a perfect balance on the skin.  We do not use heavy fragrances or colours so that our products are pure and clean.  Our products take many years to create and develop as we want them to be perfect.   


BSE: What would you claim to be Vivier’s top 3 products?


Mike: We are strong supporters of a systemic approach to skincare, as there is no magic bullet to perfect skin. Our kits contain 6 products that are each designed to follow one another through the preparation, treatment, and protection processes––all while maintaining the skin’s pH at its neutral level.






When it comes to individual products, CE Peptide Serum ($180) is widely appreciated. As Vitamin C is only a co-factor in skin treatment, this serum combines all the ingredients (including ferulic acid, lysine, glycine, and proline) that your skin needs to readily benefit from the product. 


Our SPFs are also very popular, providing reliable protection against UVA/UVB rays as well as blue light skin damage (a must for everyone, every single day!).




BSE: What is in store for Vivier's future?


Mike: We will continue to launch innovative new products and we have a rich and diverse pipeline of products to come this year and in the future.  We are always making improvements to our website, packaging, tweaking formulations and searching for new innovative ingredients.  We are always improving everything that we do and we work hard to ensure that Vivier products are simply the best. 





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