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Are facial treatments really necessary for healthy skin?  YES absolutely!  Do they really work? YES again! How often should you have one?  Every 4 weeks… but, please don’t worry if this isn’t realistic for you, your lifestyle and/or budget.  The importance is that you have them, as regularly as possible.  In our opinion, having a facial every 6-8 weeks is perfect in order to prevent, improve and maintain a beautiful, glowing and youthful complexion throughout your life.  It’s important to note that this can change with more advanced procedures, such as deep peels or micro-needling -- you may need to space them out to every 8-12 weeks, depending on brand protocols.  If you’re not sure what to do or where to start, we recommend you speak to a reputable & licensed Aesthetician, who will help build a program personalized to your skin type, concerns and goals.  Remember to share your current regime (facials + home care), to validate they are what you need to achieve results. Please read more to understand why facials are an absolute must…


You may be super happy with your skin and wonder, do I even need a facial?  Like anything else, prevention is key.  Proper hygiene, treatment and moisturization is recommended starting at puberty (at the very latest); will help you get through the rough years when your skin is going #cray.  At approximately 22 years old the chronologic ageing process sets in; our body’s natural Hyaluronic Acid dramatically decreases and we are bombarded by atmospheric stressors… this is where it all starts (even if you can’t see it).  The truth is that regular and consistent skin care, which includes facials, will not only help to prevent & maintain -- it will minimise and reduce premature aging of the skin.  Try and think of it like an exercise program for your face, in order to maintain its health and youthfulness.  Like going to the gym regularly to maintain a fit body… you don’t just stop when you’re in shape?!  One-step miracle cures don’t exist, it’s consistency and persistence that prevails.  And seriously why wait until it’s too late?  A healthy skin care routine will help to reduce the appearance of “age” and much much more.


Many refer to this as “anti-age” or “anti-ageing”, but we won’t use that term today.  We get older every day and that’s a beautiful thing.  We believe in embracing your age, which means looking and feeling your best at every stage of your life.  Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are late to the game, the importance is that you show up and participate.  Regular, preventative and treatment oriented facial treatments will help keep your skin strong, protected, healthy and resistant to the effects of intrinsic aging (otherwise known as the natural chronological aging process, which can’t be controlled).  When fine lines & wrinkles, dark spots, lack of firmness & density, redness and/or lack of radiance start to appear, “age” focused facials are even more important. 


Otherwise known as breakouts, pimples or acne.  This is a tricky area as it takes time -- and often a routine is exasperating the issue, rather than improving it.  Regular facial treatments are an excellent solution and an Aesthetician will know exactly which kind of facial to perform, according to your skin type.  They will guide you in treatment frequency, as well as which products to use at home (which is just as important in order to correct and maintain results).  After analyzing and talking to you about your skin, an Aesthetician will determine if you have true acne or are simply prone to the occasional breakout.  Acne focused facials are deep cleansing and formulated to improve and reduce imperfections, breakouts, large blemishes and will help your skin heal to prevent future breakouts. An Aesthetician (#akabff) will understand the best way to prepare, treat and extract clogged pores without causing irritation, damage and/or additional blemishes. 

As Canadians and especially during the colder months, dry, rough, flaky and tight/uncomfortable skin is extremely common.  A very good moisturizing cream is a must, but it isn’t enough!  This is when facials become even more important in managing dehydration and dry skin.  They are formulated to deliver immediate and visible results and will help your skin function properly to optimize health, radiance and a glowing complexion during all seasons.

Facial treatments are progressive, personalized and are designed to deliver results.  They can improve just about any area of concern and are most effective when combined with a daily home care routine.  We highly recommend finding an Aesthetician you trust and if and when you’re concerned with any of the following challenges:

  • Eyes: crow’s feet, dark circles, puffiness, sagging lids, crepey skin
  • Lips: dry, peeling, vertical lines, lack or contour
  • Face: fine lines, wrinkles, lack of elasticity, lack of firmness, horizonal and vertical lines, lack of density, thinness, age, dryness, dehydration, lack of comfort, lack of luminosity, dullness, flakiness, enlarged pores, oiliness, oily t-zone, milia, blackheads, whiteheads, breakouts, pimples, imperfections, clogged pores, scars, pigment, dark spots, melasma, redness, rosacea, couperosis, capillaries, environmental stress, smoker’s skin, dullness
  • Neck & Décolleté: sagging, dark spots, wrinkles, horizontal creases

We promise, you won’t be disappointed.  Start today, it’s a life changer!



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