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Retinol By Age

Retinol By Age

Introducing retinol into your skincare regimen is a game-changer that will accompany you on your lifelong journey toward vibrant, youthful skin. From the first application in your 20s to your adapted routine in your 50s, retinol is an ingredient that remains steadfast in preserving your skin's vitality.


No matter your age, here are some of the best practices for implementing retinol into your skincare routine:


IN YOUR 20s…


Your 20s is the perfect time to introduce retinol into your skincare regimen, and the best way to do so is with a gentle, low-strength retinol in order to avoid overwhelming your skin. You can start by applying your retinol a few times a week, which will gradually build your tolerance and won’t strip the skin’s delicate barrier. 


While there are few signs of skin aging in your 20s, introducing retinol into your routine will help maintain the appearance of youthful skin. It is also known to help with the treatment of other common concerns, such as acne or congested skin. 


IN YOUR 30s…


Retinol has incredible preventive power, as it wards off early signs of aging and stimulates collagen production––which (yep) already starts to decrease in your 30s. 


During this period, your retinol will target the early signs of aging, such as fine lines, uneven skin tone, and sun damage. 


If your skin is already used to the ingredient, you can apply your retinol at least 3-4 times a week for maximum benefits. Consistency is key here, and you can gradually upgrade to a higher-strength retinol product as your skin matures. 


BY YOUR 40s…


When you enter your 40s, you can start using a more potent retinol product in order to address deeper wrinkles and more advanced signs of aging (such as significant discoloration and sun spots).


It is also super important to combine your retinol with a rich moisturizer in order to combat dryness and maintain the skin’s elasticity—and we love the Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Restore for this.


You can consider using retinol every night, but make sure to monitor your skin's response closely to avoid excessive irritation. 




Because preserving your skin's vitality is the priority in your 50s and on, retinol should now be an ongoing staple––as it works hard to continue reducing the appearance of deep wrinkles, age spots, and sagging skin.


Because dry skin is often a concern during this age period, a hydrating serum and moisturizer duo is important to have on hand. This will minimize apparent dryness caused by the retinol and enhance the latter’s effectiveness. 


If, for any reason, your skin has become too sensitive for your usual retinol, you can reduce the potency or apply your moisturizer before your retinol. 




No matter your age, remember that individual responses to retinol can vary. It is, therefore, essential to adjust your routine to the reaction of your skin and always consult with a skincare professional if you are unsure about retinol recommendations and potential combinations with other treatments tailored to your unique skin concerns.


It is also crucial that you always use sunscreen during the day, regardless of your age, as retinol can increase sun sensitivity!


Until next time,


The BSE Team


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