Spring Break Checklist

The time-honored tradition best known as spring break is just around the corner. Whether you're a student or simply enjoying some well-deserved time off from work, spring break is the perfect moment to put the cold, harsh winter behind you and go live a little. 


While warm, sandy beaches are always a popular choice, there are some who’ll trade the sunshine for snow and skiing. Whatever your preference, make sure your skincare routine is spring-break ready with these simple tips!




We know, nothing feels quite as good as a tan. However, the damage it does to your skin is everything but envy-inducing! While you may feel like a goddess, remember that UV exposure is linked to long-term damage like wrinkles and freckling, as well as skin cancer. Applying your SPF liberally and as often as possible will still allow you to get some color, just without as much damage. 


If you’re hitting the slopes? Don’t assume that you're spared; the reflection caused by the snow gets you a double dose of radiation. Also, the further away from sea level you get, the greater your exposure to UV rays. Make sure to protect your skin at all times, with an SPF of at least 30!




Asides from the obvious extra cocktails and yummy meals we tend to enjoy on vacations, external factors can also irritate our skin. 


For example, coupled with cold temperatures, wind can be quite abrasive for the skin. It can dry the skin and even wear away sunscreen at a faster frequency, leaving you at risk for damage. On the other hand, sudden heat and high humidity can worse conditions such as rosacea. 


Excessive alcohol consumption and warm temperatures combined also have a number of effects on the skin: it causes the opening up of small blood vessels within the skin, known as a vasodilatory effect. This exacerbates itchy skin conditions, like eczema, and worsens flushing and redness.


What can we learn from this? Essentially, this all means it’s crucial to hold onto your regular health habits and to pack your regular skincare routine, even when you are on the go. This period is not a time to try out some new changes (and yes, that includes reaching for hotel or drugstore alternatives!). Your skin will benefit from stability, its custom routine, and of course, healthy habits such as drinking enough water and getting enough zzz’s.




If you plan on flying to your destination, you may notice that your skin is left dull upon arrival. The lack of humidity in the cabin dries out the outer layer of the skin, and various environmental factors like pollutants can cause oxidative stress through the formation of free radicals. 


On flight days, it’s important to exfoliate so that the dead layers of skin can be wiped away. It’s then just as important to seal the barrier with a dense, hydrating cream (we love both the Proderm Regenerating Cream and the Esthederm Intensive Hyaluronic Cream). 


And last but not least, we’d also recommend having a face mist, such as Esthederm’s Cellular Water Mist, on hand. 


Until next time, enjoy your break!


The BSE Team


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