Thankful for…

With the change of seasons, the change of skincare routines, and the Thanksgiving holidays right around the corner, we’re using this time to look inward and express gratitude for all the incredible things in our lives. 


Gratitude leads to lowered cortisol, and therefore a chock-full of positive effects. Better quality of sleep, lower stress levels, greater feelings of happiness, more dopamine and serotonin release, and even physical manifestation through brighter skin, thicker hair, and stronger nails, to name a few!


BSE is so much more than just skincare: it’s a lifestyle, and one that we are wildly thankful for. There are many things for which our team is grateful, and here are just a few of them in order to inspire you this season…




Skin gratitude comes with time, self-love, and acceptance. Earlier years can be consumed by worrying about acne and imperfections, while later years are consumed by focusing on signs of wrinkling and age. 


When you turn towards self-acceptance and taking care of your skin’s health from the inside out as opposed to focusing only on its superficial appearance, gratitude follows and that self-critique is muted. It’s all about aging with grace, being grateful for those lines that represent days well-spent with the ones you love. 


When we express gratitude for our skin, we tend to feel more positive about it and invest in its proper care. In the long run, the difference is tremendous!




Yes, it’s important to treat the skin from the outside, but a skin health journey also depends on emotional well-being. Positive psychology, healthy habits, mindfulness, and self-care rituals all contribute to reducing stress and keeping us glowing.


We are grateful for our community of incredible wellness teachers, coaches, aestheticans, brands, and partners who each contribute to all aspects of our well-being on the daily. We are so proud to be able to put forward incredible people who care deeply about health, from the inside out. 




BSE wouldn’t be what it is today without YOU. Our community keeps us motivated to show up, both online and IRL every day. We curate the best brands and share the highest knowledge for the well-being of our community. We are eternally grateful and committed to doing what we do best: transforming the way you feel about your skin, hair, health, and wellness by bridging comprehensive professional advice and next-level products, personalized solutions, and affordable options.


This is our driving force, and what we will continue to do with gratitude. 


Until next time, happy Thanksgiving!


The BSE Team

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