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BSE Spotlight: PHYTO

BSE Spotlight: PHYTO

We’ve recently had the pleasure of introducing professional haircare to the BSE brand collection, and we have a major crush on Phyto Laboratories––a revolutionary, professional hair brand that is formulated by biochemists who are constantly looking to create the highest performing combination of botanical ingredients.


PHYTO was founded by celebrity hairdresser Patrick Alès in 1967, long before the emergence of environmental awareness and botanical haircare trends.


As a pioneer in his industry––having coined the concept of a “blowout”––he was also noticing that chemically-laden products were taking a serious toll not only on the strands of his clients but also on the hands of the hairdressers. This planted the seed for creating a gentler, more natural range of hair products.


In the sixties, AKA a time where bleached-out looks were all the rage, Alès was inspired to study the use of plants in traditional medicine and how they might be able to play a role in haircare. Over time, with the help of professional biochemists and researchers, PHYTO came to develop formulas with expertly selected plants; each boosting the properties of the other. The most active part of the plant (leaf, flower, stem, or root) is extracted based on strict performance criteria and mixed into formulas using the most effective concentration.


We asked the team at PHYTO a few questions in order to grasp a little bit more about the brand, and here’s what they said:


BSE: What makes PHYTOTHERATHRIE so groundbreaking? 


PHYTO: Driven by his mantra "primum non nocere" (first, do not harm), our founder Patrick Alès created Phytotherathrie from the Greek word phyto (plants), thera (care) and trix/tricos (hair). He had the conviction that if plants have cosmetic virtues for the skin, they must also have some for the hair and scalp!


While traditional hair care products are essentially composed of water, Phyto Laboratories replace the basic ingredient with "homemade" fresh plant extracts––the result of a unique scientific process we created more than 50 years ago, concentrating all the power of plants. No other brand can compare to our formulations!


BSE: Why should PHYTO be the first go-to for anyone looking to care for coloured or damaged hair? 


PHYTO: The ecosystem of the hair and scalp is alive and precious. Because of this, our mission has always been to treat them with care and respect––without further damaging them with chemicals.


Our formulas are made with ingredients that are biomimetic, which means they replicate molecules that are already present in healthy hair. For example, our botanical keratin is extremely similar to the natural keratin found in hair. Our Phytocolor and Phytokeratine ranges are made of 90% natural and botanical ingredients. This makes them ideally suited for everyone, but especially for those with hair that is colored, damaged, or particularly sensitive.


BSE: Who is PHYTO's haircare for?


PHYTO: Our haircare is designed for anyone who is conscious of their hair’s beauty and their scalp’s health. We have solutions for specific hair concerns, including hair loss, excess sebum, dandruff, irritated scalp, and more––all while preserving and enhancing the natural beauty of the hair (more volume, locked hydration, extra shine, etc.)


PHYTO collaborates with a select handful of research centers as well as the renowned dermatology-specialized Saint-Louis Hospital in Paris. Their formulas are also housed in recyclable glass and aluminum bottles for their non-porous properties, which helps minimize the use of preservatives.


Curious about the hype? We promise you won’t be disappointed! You can shop our selection of PHYTO products right here.


Until next time,


The BSE Team


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