Rejudicare 2CRM Vitamin C & E

How to use

Based on a synergy between 2 forms of Vitamin C plus Vitamin E to protect, repair and rejuvenate skin. Strengthens and tones skin texture by stimulating collagen production within the dermis. Treats skin damaged by UV exposure, smoking and other harmful lifestyle habits. Complexion regains its smooth, youthful appearance.

Use once a day, in the morning. Apply first, before additional cream or gel products. Ensure that the skin is thoroughly cleansed. Glide three to five drops across the face, neck and chest; one drop onto the back of each hand.

Aqua, éthoxydiglycol, propylène glycol, acide ascorbique, isosorbide de diméthyle, ascorbyle phosphate d’aminopropyle, parfum*, tocophérol

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