Physiodermie Actinyl #4 Blemish Clear

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Rapid treatment for oily and impure skin. Recommended as useful care to treat pimples and blemishes. A natural and efficient way to rapidly get rid of local imperfections.

As soon as any impurities appear, apply the Physiodermie Evolution Actinyl N°4 Blemish Clear directly onto the papules, pustules or cysts several times a day. Avoid any contact with the eyes. For optimal results: use in combination with Evolution Shower Hydrating Milk NB, Evolution Actinyl N°1 Balancing Care and Evolution Actinyl N°2 Repair Care as needed.

Natural essential oils of: Lavender, Everlasting, Tea Tree, Lemon, Lemongrass, Thyme and active principles of Burdock and Coptis Chinensis, Salicylic acid, Biotin, Panthenol complex

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