Physiodermie Actinyl Duo

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Contains Actinyl Duo #1 Balancing Care 15 ml + #2 Repair Care 30 ml 

An alternative treatment for acne-prone skin (pimple) without any of the disadvantages resulting from the use of medication.

After cleansing with the Physiodermie Evolution Shower Hydrating Milk NB, use the droplet to apply a few drops of Evolution Actinyl N°1 to the affected areas (in the evening). Continue the treatment by applying Evolution Actinyl N°2 to the areas you have just treated. Do not apply around the eyes. Do not apply Evolution Actinyl N°1 before going in the sun. For optimum results: use the Soft-Face Bio-Peeling every day for three consecutive weeks. For cystic acne apply the Anti-Impurities Bioarome (DS) (10 drops) on the affected area before the Actinyl N°1.

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