Dr Renaud Pure Anti-Aging Lips & Contour

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A cutting-edge treatment for repairing, protecting and rejuvenating the lips. Restores volume, smooths contours, repairs and protects.

Not only does it reduce aging signs, it also repairs the most damaged lips and protects them against the harmful effects of the environment and climate. Its anti-wrinkle, smoothing and plumping action helps redefine the lip contour. Your lips will be softer and plumper than ever.

The success of Pure Anti-Aging Lips & Contour lies on the regular twice-a-day use of the product for approximately 30 days. Morning and evening, apply one drop (1 pump) of the product to the lips and lip contour. Massage in gently using a circular motion. Wait a few minutes before applying lipstick.
1. Prickly Pear
2. Kronoxyl-9
3. Hyaluronic acid
4. Tripepeptide-1

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