Physiodermie Anti-Redness Bioarome (FL)

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This serum is suitable for red tendency and sensitive skin. Gently moisturizes the skin and improves its aspect. Daily use will reduce the appearance of redness* leaving skin feeling silky cushioned.

*reduces redness due to dry skin.

When used alone, apply a few drops of the Physiodermie Anti-Redness Bioarome on the affected area and massage in gently to allow total penetration. Twice daily. When used in conjunction with other Emulsions or Physiomask mix 5-10 drops of the Anti-Redness Bioarome with a Physiodermie Emulsion or Physiomask Global. The quantity of Bioaromes used must always be less in volume than the product with which it is mixed. Use alone or in combination with other Physiodermie products depending on the skin condition.

A synergy of natural essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Cypress, Lemon and plant extracts of Hydrocotyl, Witch Hazel and Butchersbroom, Escin, Phospholipidic Complex, Hydrating Agent.

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