Swiss Line Cell Shock Age Intelligence™ Essential Serum

How to use

The essential formula for all skin conditions who seek harmony, resilience or who are looking for a modern take in skincare with prebiotics, probiotics and clean formulation.

Essential as in the first choice, stand-alone, ageless and genderless. Essential also as the first step, before all treatments are layered. In both cases it is meant to be seen as a skincare step that benefits all and supports any other treatment used in combination, meanwhile it rebalances skin’s own biome. The balance of this biome can be impacted by a hectic lifestyle that leads to the state of dysbiosis – which includes the altering of skin’s normal pH, creation of pro-inflammatory states and ultimately the disruption of the barrier function of the skin.

In one unique formula, our Swiss Line Essential Serum reignites and sustains the various mechanisms for keeping the skin as healthy as possible, so that it looks as beautiful as it can be.

Essential Serum should be applied both am and pm, for best results.
It is ideal to be mixed in the palm of the hand with any of the AI Boosters; used all-year-around during the periods when the use of Recovery Serum isn’t needed.
Should be followed with the application of the usual moisturizer, or simply of an adapted SPF care.
Actibiome Complex, ATP(Adenosine Triphosphate), Madecassoside®

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