Swiss Line Cell Shock Age Intelligence™ Evenness Booster

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The key that unlocks all doors leading to the swift exit of hyper-pigmentation, is one of the most complex skincare concerns. Alpha Arbutin, a more powerful version of classic arbutin used in cosmetology, contributes to a reduction in the appearance of age-related spots.

We use it at the highest possible concentration of 2% as opposed to the standard concentration of less than 1%.

Our Swiss Line Evenness Booster can be applied am and/or pm as needed, mixed in the palm of the hand with the Recovery Serum for maximum results, or directly in your usual cream for a boost. 2-3 drops are enough, more can be used if needed. Just as is the case with vitamin C, the use of adapted UV protection during the day is imperative to better protect the skin (and the alpha-arbutin!)


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