Swiss Line Cell Shock Age Intelligence™ Resurfacing Water

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Effortlessly transform the look, feel and condition of your skin with this remarkable Swiss Line toner. The plant cells and soy proteins in the formula increase the skin’s ability to breathe, preserve energy and metabolize more effectively. Glycolic acid, present at 10% - the highest possible strength in a final formula - with a pH low enough to retain its full effect, delivers a progressive at-home peeling.

1. Apply over the face and neck areas, either with a cotton pad or simply with the palm of the hand.
2. Night-time only, after the usual cleansing and before serum and/or moisturizer. Do not rinse after application.
3. For best tolerance, begin applying every other night, working up to a nightly frequency after one or two weeks. 4. Should you feel too much sensitivity on a nightly basis, you can scale back and simply use it every other night, or even less, according to tolerance/needs.
Madecassoside®, Glycolic Acid 10%, Cellactel 2 Complex + Argan Plant Cells

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