Swiss Line Cell Shock Age Intelligence™ Youth Inducing Face Cream

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An all-in-one moisturizer from Swiss Line with remarkable de-aging benefits addresses the needs of mature skin. It is comprised of a complex series of potent ingredients that successively and in synchronicity knock down the signs of aging - loss of firmness, wrinkles, pigmentation and enlarged pores.

Apply over the face and neck areas every morning and night after the usual skincare regimen, i.e. cleanser, toner, serum.
The cream has a unique soft-touch texture that can be applied by massaging it onto the skin with circular movements over the face and descending movements from the jaw-line towards the neck and décolleté.
Apply the PM-REPAIR BOOSTER (at night only) before the YOUTH-INDUCING CREAM.
It should be used instead of the usual toning lotion.
Stem`Cell Pulse, Rab27A Molecule, Arginine/Lysine, Elastomer, Cellactel 2 Complex + Madecassoside®

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