Swiss Line Cell Shock Youth Inducing Eye Cream

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True to the Youth-Inducing philosophy that revolves around a four-pronged approach to age correction, this new super eye cream simultaneously addresses four key eye zone age markers: lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness, uneven skin tone (a first-time claim!), and under-eye puffiness. These four actions are rounded out by the cellular self-recovery benefit that distinguishes all Age Intelligence formulas.

While most eye care products approach uneven skin tone from the perspective of counteracting dark circles - addressing their causes such as poor microcirculation – the new Youth-Inducing Eye Cream also addresses the problem from a pigmentation/complexion point of view using the same Rab27A molecular approach used in the Youth-Inducing Cream. Limiting the significant transport of irregular pigmentation around the eye zone, the cream imparts, in the medium-term, a brighter and fresher look to the entire area.

This exciting, new Swiss Line eye cream responds to the needs of mature skin showing more than one age concern. It is designed to transform the skin`s inner “architecture” and restore its luminosity and uniformity.

To be applied day and night alone, or preferably after an eye serum.
The cream has a unique soft-touch texture that can be applied by dabbing onto the skin with "piano" touches; there is no need to massage the fragile eye contour area. Apply starting from the outer corner of the eye and moving towards the nose. With any remaining product on the fingers, follow over the eyebrow and under the eyebrow area in the opposite direction.
In the AM allow a few seconds before proceeding with the application of eye-area make-up so that the cream sets on the skin.
Age Intelligence™ Complex, Bio-Mimetic Growth Factors, Stem’Cell Pulse, Rab27A Molecule, Hesperidin

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