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CellTeint, with stabilized cellular extracts (5%), offers the perfect synergy between make-up and skincare, ensuring a younger-looking complexion and remarkably revitalised and moisturised* skin. The creamy, ultra-sensory texture, made with natural waxes and vegetable oil, glides silkily over your skin, bringing out the best of your complexion. The natural-origin pigments adapt superbly to your skin tone and are enriched with light-capturing pearlescence that heightens your radiance.

      Apply a few drops of our CellCosmet CellTeint to the cheekbones, forehead and chin. Smooth in gently with fingertips or a brush, according to preference. Smooth the cream towards the outside of the face and neck

      Coverage can be adjusted according to the quantity used.
      Stabilized cellular extracts (5%): revitalising, rebalancing

      Expert Hyaluron Complex: plumps the skin and intensely hydrates*

      Anti-Ageing Protective Complexes, derived from marine ingredients: maintain youth-looking skin

      Normalising Complex: rebalances excess sebum

      Natural pigments enriched with mother-of-pearl: optimal light reflection

      Jojoba, Sunflower, Mimosa natural waxes and Argan Oil: provide a feeling of comfort to the skin

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