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CellSplash is a high-performance, multi-action cellular formula that awakens skin with an intense wave of freshness. This alcohol-free toner is a must for your daily skincare regimen, used after shaving or cleansing to prime the skin for our cellular and phyto skincare. The stabilized cellular extracts (5%) synergise with the rigorously selected ingredients to revitalise male skin and soothe razor burn.

    Morning and evening, throughout the year, after cleansing the skin with WASH N' SHAVE. Can also be used at any time of day to refresh and tone the face
    Stabilized cellular extracts (5%): revitalizing, rebalancing
    Hydro-refreshing gel: highly anti-dehydrating*
    Hamamelis floral water: astringent, anti-redness
    Aloe Vera: soothing, regenerating
    Electrolytic complex based on phosphate ions: micro-exfoliator
    Marine complex: regulates cutaneous homeostasis, refreshing
    Imperatoria extract, Alpine plant of organic quality: healing, antioxidant

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