Physiodermie Chrono Repair Flash Anti-Aging Care Kit

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Unique and Innovative Concept for instant smoothness. The synergistic effect of the Physiodermie Revelator Serum + Sublimator Hydrogel optimizes the Anti-Age* care leaving the skin infinitely soft and supple with a long-lasting moisturizing* result. Restores a youthful smooth and radiant aspect to the skin for a visible anti-aging* effect.

How to use

Every day, apply a few drops of Serum in the morning and evening on the face and neck previously cleansed with the Deep Cleansing Milk and Stabilizing Lotion. Perform a penetration and diffusion massage. Finish the treatment with the Intensive Care Revitalizing and the Global Action Serum Eye Contour.

The pack contains 2 Hydrogels for 2 Cares. Apply on face and neck, massage in a gentle circular motion until complete absorption. Make the first Care. Apply the serum for a week and then make the second care. Continue to apply the serum morning and evening until complete use.


Sublimator Hydrogel:

  • Biomatrix of ultra-pure marine Polymers.
  • Complexes that reconstitute the lipidic skin barrier.

Revelator Serum:

  • Micro-encapsulated Swiss glacier water.
  • Micro blue seaweed.
  • LHYS Complex (hyaluronic acid of different molecular weight).
Please refer to individual products
Please refer to individual products

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