Environ Cosmetic Focus-Cit

Introducing Cosmetic Focus CIT® – the revolutionary multi-functional home-use instrument that dramatically enhances the effects of your Environ skincare routine.
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This precision-crafted, medical-grade plastic, multifunctional home-use instrument optimizes the effects of Environ products on specific hard-to-reach areas such as the upper lip and eye area. A meticulously crafted small hand-held stamp needling instrument embedded with durable stainless steel micro-needles that protrude 0.1mm. The Environ Cosmetic Focus CIT® allows you to conveniently focus on specific and typically hard-to-reach areas, such as the upper lip and eye area.

1. Your skin needs to be well prepared with mild levels of vitamin A for a minimum of 3 weeks before you start needling.
2. Start by using Environ Cosmetic Focus CIT twice a week and slowly increase to daily use.
3. Pre-cleanse, cleanse tone your skin.
4. Divide target areas into sections and pat firmly for 3-5 minutes, with mild but firm pressure.
5. Follow with your recommended Environ products
6. Rinse the roller with warm water before and after use, and cleanse once a week with rubbing alcohol.

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