Davincia Crystal Age Spot Concentrate


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How to use

Crystal™ concentrate evens and illuminates skin tone, reducing the appearance of brown spots and the signs of aging. It is all natural and contains no hydroquinone or whitening agents.

In the morning and evening, wash the face with Purifica™ foam, apply Idrata™ serum and spray Luvya™ mist. Then, apply Crystal™ concentrate on target areas. Repeat these steps for at least 30 days in a row or until satisfied with the result. For optimal results, use with other Davincia® products, including Biocompatible Care® and Sunbrella™, and follow the recommended regimen. Sunscreen is recommended when using Crystal® concentrate.

Seaweed extract, Ascorbic acid, Bisabolol, Licorice extract, Carrot and celery seed oil (phthalides), Superoxide dismutase

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