Dr Renaud Dermazyme 2-Step Enzymatic Exfoliant

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A very gentle enzymatic exfoliant with an exceptional formula. Not only does it reactivate radiance and provides the skin with an immediate lifting effect, but it is also designed for the deep cleansing of the most fragile skin, including sensitive skin and those prone to acne.

STEP 1: The power of the enzymes activates on contact with the skin, exfoliating the skin to perfection.
Apply a small amount to previously cleansed face. Do not rinse. Continue with the application of DermaZyme Enzymatic Exfoliant Step 2
STEP 2: The effervescent texture boosts the enzymatic action, stimulates exchanges and energizes the skin. An extract of Moringa oleifera eliminates all traces of pollution.

Apply on top of the Enzymatic Exfoliant Step 1. Massage lightly in a circular motion. A foam will form. Leave to act 3 to 5 minutes then massage lightly in a circular motion with wet fingers and rinse thoroughly.
DermaZyme Step 1 and Step 2 are always used in combination, once or twice a week.
STEP 01: Keratolytic enzyme cocktail, Fruit acid cocktail
STEP 02: V02 Technology, Purisoft, Tasmanian pepper

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