Dr Renaud ExCellience CellClock Cellular Youth Serum

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Intensively repairs skin: wrinkles are reduced, firmness and elasticity are improved, the complexion is radiant, and features are restored.

ExCellience CellClock is an exceptionally powerful, rejuvenating treatment: a pure concentrate of ultra-performing active ingredients designed to preserve and extend your skin’s youth. Thanks to the exclusive CellClock technology, cellular youth is increased and skin regeneration is optimized. From the first applications, the results are simply remarkable: skin is regenerated and looks visibly younger.

Morning and evening, after a thorough cleansing of the skin, apply 2 pumps of ExCellience CellClock Youth Serum to the face and the neck. Massage in gently until absorbed. Follow with the Laboratoire Dr Renaud day or night cream recommended by your aesthetician.
VitaSource - Baicalin (telomer)
Chronogen (clock genes)
Ergothioneine (antioxydant)
Orsirtine (Sirtuins)
Phytocell Malus Domestica Phytocell Argan (stem cells epidermis &dermis)

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