CellCosmet | CellMen Cell Men Face Revitalising Cellular Cream

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  • Stimulates and optimises the quality of cellular renewal
  • Helps prevent and attenuates the effects of premature skin ageing
  • Keeps the upper layers of the epidermis moisturised*
  • Improves skin’s elasticity
  • Protects the epidermis from external aggressions, sun and pollution
  • Reinforces the natural defences of the epidermis
  • Strengthens the cutaneous structure and helps make it more resistant to external aggressions and shaving
  • Nourishes the epidermis
  • Alleviates post-shaving burning sensations
  • Prevents redness and pulling of the skin
  • Non-comedogenic
  • The only cellular cream that provides optimum revitalisation and respects the identity of masculine skin
  • Dermatologically tested

Daily day and night skin care
Stabilized cellular extracts (14%):
revitalising, rebalancing
Vitamins E and C:
antioxidant, anti-free radicals
Hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans:
maintain the skin’s firmness and elasticity, high-repair action

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