France Laure Discovery Kit - Moisturize

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Find the essential of the beauty ritual moisturizing for a radiant, comfortable and hydrated skin.

The kit contains:


The Dermaflux™ increases the water binding capacity of the skin.

Our cocktail of Asian plants (bamboo, lotus flower, water lily) intensifies cell regeneration and hydration.

Aloe Vera, 99% water, revitalizes, soothes and heals.

They are the key ingredients of this range.

      How to Use 

      EACH DAY

      Apply the Cleansing Milk to the face, neck and neckline. Rinse off.
      Spray on the Perfecting Toner to complete the cleansing.
      During the day, apply the Harmonizing Cream. In the evening, apply the Repairing Cream.


      Exfoliate the skin with the Enzymatic Fruit Exfoliant or the with the Almond Grain Exfoliant of our illuminate collection.
      Apply the Enhancing Eye & Lip Mask/or the Cooling Gel Mask.

      Please refer to individual products
      Please refer to individual products

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