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This rich cream prevents and diminishes the appearance of recent, colored stretch marks. Healing and regenerating, it reduces the width, depth and relief of stretch marks early in the healing process while improving skin texture.

On white stretch marks, Elasticity Stretch Mark Formula minimizes the appearance of stretch marks while reshaping them.

NocturshapeTM, derived from planktonic microorganisms, relies on the circadian rhythm to regulate adipocyte levels, smooth orange peel skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Thus, at night it reduces the accumulation of fat and during the day it promotes lipolysis.

  • The relief of cellulite is reduced by up to 6.8% after 15 days*.
  • The silhouette is significantly refined after 30 days of application, with a reduction of up to 1.1 cm*.


*Tests performed in vivo

The Wakame Bio-ferment incorporated in this treatment is an algae with powerful anti-aging properties.

Result: the skin is firmer, smoother and the silhouette is refined.


      Ideally after shower or bath, morning and evening, after using the Aqua-Laure Roller.

      Apply the Elasticity Stretch Mark Formula to areas prone to the formation of or containing stretch marks:

      Lower back
      Chest (avoiding nipples)
      Massage from bottom to top until fully penetrated.

      This product is also suitable for treating male skin:

      or any other area with the possibility of stretch marks.

      Not recommended during pregnancy due to the vitamin A it contains.

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