Simone Mahler Organic Slimming Infusion

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This infusion will complete the action of slimming products and treatments to eliminate superfluous fat by natural means.  Made up of a mixture of 4 plants from organic farming known for their slimming properties:

  • Organic Mate (leaf): Recognized for its appetite suppressant effect, diuretic action and detox effect.
  • ORGANIC Hibiscus (flower): Recognized for its slimming, draining and digestive properties
  • Organic Nanah mint (leaf): Recognized for its digestive properties and to “reduce cravings.”
  • ORGANIC blueberry (leaf): Recognized for its ability to regulate blood sugar levels and improve traffic

"IN and OUT" effect to help achieve a slimmer silhouette day by day

  • Associated with a balanced, varied diet and regular physical activity, this ORGANIC SLIMMING INFUSION can stimulate the body to eliminate toxins and superfluous fats and thus help in the objective of weight loss. this is the IN effect
  • Regular follow-up of slimming treatments will contribute to the loss of centimetres: this is the OUT effect.

Its low caffeine content means it can be enjoyed throughout the day, hot or cold, depending on the desired objectives and desires. For a slimming objective, even if a cold tasting is possible, a hot taste is recommended because drinking hot water regularly helps the body to eliminate toxins.

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