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Liquid Bright Concealer

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A lightweight, corrective concealer pen that provides impeccable coverage while bringing light and brightness to the complexion. Instantly reduces signs of fatigue and shadows by cancelling out unwanted colour and masking imperfections. Softens the look of fine lines and improves skin's radiance.

Expert Tips & Tricks

  • Use High Beam for maximum highlighting and overall concealing on fair to light complexions.
  • Brighten can be used to cancel redness and highlight on light to medium complexions.
  • Eliminate sallowness, shadows and dark under eye circles with Sunburst. And, it’s the perfect highlighter on medium to deep complexions.

How to Use

Apply with desired brush to areas on face to highlight, conceal or eliminate unwanted sallowness and dark circles. Prior to initial application, this component requires “priming” by clicking the button until you see product dispense. Once initially primed, the pen requires several clicks in order to dispense product
for use. Keep in mind, it takes a moment for product to dispense, so do not overclick.



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