Mirada Wrinkle-filling Eye Contour Care

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Crafted specially for the eye area, Mirada® wrinkle-filling contour care improves elasticity and tightens skin, giving it a healthy appearance. This biocompatible product naturally stimulates collagen production and smooths wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes.

How to use

Wash the face with Purifica™ foam, apply Idrata™ serum and spray Luvya™ mist. Then, apply Mirada™ around the lips and eyes (upper and lower eyelids). Gently massage into wrinkled, sagging areas for better penetration. For optimal results, use with other Davincia® products, including Biocompatible Care®, and follow the recommended regimen.


Coral Calcium, Native marine collagen, Seaweed extract, Chilean rosehip oil, Peptides (polypeptides), Hyaluronic acid (four molecules)

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