Obagi NuDerm Exfoderm® Forte

Unveil a radiant, youthful complexion with the power of Obagi NuDerm Exfoderm® Forte
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Unveil a radiant, youthful complexion with the transformative power of Obagi NuDerm Exfoderm Forte. Crafted by leading skincare experts, this exceptional formula is specifically designed to accelerate skin cell turnover and slough off the layers of dead skin that can make your complexion appear dull, uneven, and aged.

Revolutionize your daily skincare routine with a product that combines the best of science and nature. With its unique blend of glycolic and lactic acids, this lotion works deeply yet gently to exfoliate your skin.

Make it a part of your daily skincare regimen and experience the remarkable transformation that only Obagi can offer. Elevate your skincare game today with NuDerm Exfoderm Forte.

1. Use daily, in the morning or as directed by your physician.
2. If product gets into eyes rinse with water right away.
Water (aqua), triethanolamine, glycerin, glycolic acid, lactic acid, cetearyl alcohol, polysorbate 60, caprylic/capric triglyceride, emu oil (dromiceius oil), stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, dimethicone, saponins, methylparaben, propylparaben

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