Dr Renaud SeboBalance Skin Moisturizing Repair

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Soothing night cream that regenerates and promotes healing for all skin types, including acne lesions and/or lesions from esthetic medical treatments.

This versatile soothing, regenerating, melting emulgel is a must for oily skin and comedonal acne-prone skin, as well as for any damaged and dehydrated skin. Thanks to its optimized formulation of state-of-the-art, synergistic active ingredients, it soothes inflammation, fosters scarring and imparts an amazing softness and silky feel to the skin.

Use the SeboBalance Skin Moisturizing Repair only at night, on skin previously cleansed with SeboBalance Cleansing Fluid Milk. Gently apply 2 pumps of the SeboBalance Skin Moisturizing Repair to the face and neck until absorbed.
1. Centella Asiatica Extract
2. Xpertmoist
3. Metabiotics

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