Yonka Paris Sensitive Masque

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This mask-cream is recommended for sensitive and redness-prone skin. Signs of skin sensitivity (tautness, itching, …) are calmed, and the appearance of redness is visibly improved.

Essential ingredients: arnica, yarrow, German chamomile, horse chestnut, hamamelis, marshmallow, grain germ oil, St. John’s wort, horsetail rich in silicon, balm, Quintessence Yon-Ka*.


1 to 3 times a week, after cleansing and spraying on Lotion Yon-Ka, apply the mask locally in a thick layer or on the entire face. Leave on for 10 minutes. Then massage in with effleurages. If necessary, apply your usual cream to the entire face and neck. Can also be used as a « night mask » when applied in a thin layer
Arnica, yarrow, chamomile, horse chestnut, witch hazel, marshmallow, grain germ oil, St. John's Wort, horsetail rich in silicon, Quintessence Yon Ka *.

* essential oils of lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress, and thyme

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