ProDerm Serum-C 10%

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The high non-neutralized L-ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C, antioxidant) content in Pro-Derm™ Serum prevent and reduce the harmful effects of free radicals responsible for skin aging and stimulate collagen synthesis. Its daily use prevents wrinkles and produces an immediate toning effect while reducing the appearance of redness and brightening the complexion. Application of Serum-C 10% before applying a sunscreen increases the skin's resistance to pollutants and ultra-violet rays.

After the face has been thoroughly cleansed with the Pro-Derm TM Gentle Cleanser, make sure your skin is dry and apply on face, neck and décolleté or around the eyes. Apply once a day in the morning before your sun protection or any other Pro-Derm TM products or make-up.
Vitamine C (Acide L-Ascorbique) A, M2Pe (Multiplexes Molecular Penetration Enhancers)

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