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Immediate Action:

  • Purifies the skin and ensures a smooth shave
  • Optimises the glide of the blade
  • Cleanses and prevents the appearance of redness
  • Intensely refreshes
  • Non-irritant
  • Non-drying
  • Propellant-free
  • Its dual purifying and shaving action
  • Its formula free from any controversial substances
  • Dermatologically tested

    On the face and neck area, morning and evening throughout the year. Avoid the eye contour
    Natural tensio-active agents from apples and coconut oil: dermo-protective, anti-drying
    Hamamelis flower water: soothing, astringent
    Marine osmoregulatory complex: regulates cutaneous homeostasis, refreshing
    Vegetable glycerin and sorbitol: humectant, moisturizing*, optimise the glide of the blade
    Copper salt: anti-microbial, astringent
    Copaiba oil: soothing
    Seboregulator specific complex: rebalancing

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