10+ Skin-Saver #SOS Holiday Tips

We ALL know what happens to our skin during the holiday season and it’s not good.  The parties, late nights, lack of sleep, changes in diet and increased alcohol consumption result in our skin suffering the blues.  We invite you to explore how you can easily migrate the havoc of “hang-over” skin this holiday season.  Read on to learn Boutique Skin Envie’s holiday SOS tips to keep your skin looking fresh and vibrant - instead of red, puffy, dull and dehydrated.

CLEANSE: This season, to start to every day, we recommend switching to a gentle face cleanser. You want to be kind to your skin and offer ultimate comfort. Gentle cleansers tend to have a softer and more hydrating effect, which your skin will love - and particularly during the winter months when it tends to lean on the dry and dehydrated scale.

EXFOLIATE: It’s important to exfoliate away dead skin cells, ideally once to twice per week. This facial treatment leaves your skin with an optimized base of radiance, glow and prepped for the next steps in your routine.

PREP:  Skin well prepped for the onslaught of the party season, will survive the best… and as you know the holidays are not just a day, it’s a season.  A few nights out here and there are never a problem, however, that’s seldom the case, hence our advice for proper skin prep. Products high in antioxidants are the best choice to boost and protect.  Our personal #favs include:  

  • Rejudicare’s 2CRM+ Vitamin C & E With Peptide Serum: it’s a power-packed solution for unwanted signs of skin aging, such as sagging, wrinkling and pigmentation changes. Based on the synergy between 2 forms of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and peptides, it works to reverse the effects of intrinsic and extrinsic damage caused by UV exposure and harmful lifestyle habits.
  • GM Collin’s Vital C 10% + Peptides Serum: A synergistic combination of antioxidants, 10% vitamin C and anti-aging peptides provides overall protection against environmental stressors and reduces the visible signs of premature aging. It leaves the skin with a renewed radiance and a healthy glow.

TACKLE DARK CIRCLES: Dark circles (and puffy) eyes are telltale signs of “hangover skin”. We recommend eye products that target these specific concerns.  Ingredients that have excellent long-term effects in these areas of concern include Caffeine (reduces swelling), Hyaluronic Acid (wrinkle filler) and our personal favourite Retinol (stimulates collagen production, making the skin less thin which improves dark circles and smooths out fine lines).

REMOVE YOUR MAKE-UP: No excuses! Regardless of how exhausted and daunting this task may seem at the end of a long evening, it’s non-negotiable and an absolute must.  Your skin needs to breath, recuperate and regenerate while you sleep.  It’s also essential to prevent pre-mature aging of the skin.  We recommend using a 3-in-1 cleanser, such as Yonka’s Micellar Water.  You’ll love this multifunctional no-rinse product which removes make-up (eyes, face and lips) and tones.  If you’re feeling extra lazy, keep it beside your bed with a few cotton swabs and remove your make-up from the comfort and coziness of your bed #ahhhhhhh.

FOR THE LOVE OF MOISTURIZATON: You should be hydrating your face (neck and décolleté) at least twice a day (AM and PM). The optimal time is immediately after cleansing (or after a shower/bath).  Thick, rich creams are best for moisturizing and maintaining the skin's protective barrier, especially in colder climates #canada.

SUPER RECHARGE WHILE YOU SLEEP:  This is your body and skin’s chance to recuperate and regenerate.  While moisturizing is the automatic go to for most people, we recommend to also alternate with a night mask, especially during the holiday season.  It’s the perfect time to treat, boost and hydrate all night long.  We love Babor’s Reversive Anti-Aging Overnight Mask because it promotes the skin’s night-time rejuvenation phase and ensures youthfully radiant and hydrated skin in the morning.  Remember it’s during the night that the skin’s rejuvenation and recovery mechanisms are working full-tilt. This overnight mask supports them, enabling them to develop their full effect. The results include waking to smoother, fresher and more refined looking skin in the morning.

ENJOY A FACIAL MASSAGE:  A festive holiday lifestyle of excess food (salty & sweet) coupled with alcohol can leave your skin red, puffy and feeling out of sorts.  The perfect tool to counter these effects are facial Rollers and Gua Sha stones.  A few minutes spent massaging your face (AM and PM), will do wonders.  Upward motions are excellent for lymphatic drainage (de-puffing).  Tip: keep your tools in the fridge for an extra energizing cooling effect while you massage.  Cold tools help to reduce surface blood vessels, thus reducing redness while promoting a calming and draining effect.  Our personal favourite is Mount Lai, which promotes a breath of skin calmness, by including an act of self-care in your daily ritual. Fun fact: The name Mount Lai plays homage to Mount Penglai from Chinese mythology. There are magical fruits that grow on this mountain with healing powers.  Not only do they cure injuries and disease, but also grant physical & mental well-being and eternal youth.

AVOID LONG HOT SHOWERS (& BATHS):  We know it feels absolutely awesome to take a nice long shower or bath, but the truth is that it dries out your skin.  Try to keep them short & sweet and on the warmer side, as opposed to hot.  If you have the stamina for a few seconds (even a few minutes) and run intense cold water at the end, it’s incredibly beneficial and energizing for your skin. Use a soft and gentle body cleanser and for an extra boost of moisture; add some body oil to your cleansing routine for extra hydration.  Always remember to use a moisturizing body milk or cream following a bath or shower – we often focus only on face-care, forgetting the body.

THINK ABOUT WHAT YOUR DRINKING: Alcohol is a diuretic, therefore, your skin will dehydrate and parch with every sip and drink.  Sweet wines, bubbles and cocktails are even worse -- #notetoself sugar is NOT a girl’s best friend, in fact it’s been linked to inflammation, premature ageing of the skin and a breakdown of collagen (fine lines & wrinkles).  Your best solution is to have a full glass of water nearby and to alternate between drinks, throughout the evening.  Your skin will love you and so will your potential hang-over!

BONUS: when all else fails and to combat holiday skin stresses, add some healthy makeup.  It’s the perfect camouflage and will make you look vibrant, fresh and revived.  You don’t need to slather extra layers to try and get your glow-on. We recommend a light and breathable foundation to help calm and neutralize redness.  Add a little colour to your cheeks, lips and some mascara as a final touch. Voila you’re as good as new!

Happy holidays from ours to yours,

Tasch xxx

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