Benefits Of Coffee On Your Skin!

Too many people, coffee is what we would call our "survival juice". We rely on that warm cup of coffee on a very early Monday morning to boost our mood. It is filled with antioxidants and beneficial nutrients to help us with all sorts of things, such as faster metabolism. However, did you know coffee doesn't only work for your body internally, but also has quite the reputation to work wonders on your skin?! You can use fresh coffee grounds into masks, scrubs, or even a paste to apply directly on your skin. 

Here are some of the benefits coffee has on your skin: 

Cellulite Reduction 

Thanks to one of the most important aspects of coffee, caffeine, it is able to reduce the appearance of cellulite on skin. How? Caffeine will dilate the blood cells beneath the skin and therefore, will help with overall blood circulation and in turn, reduce the appearance of cellulite! All you have to do is create a scrub with ground coffee. This exfoliation will also leave your skin looking smooth and brighter. 


When we think of antioxidants we think of blueberries or strawberries, but we should also really take into consideration the antioxidants in coffee. Why? Because antioxidants will help fight premature aging and improve the overall health of your skin. 

As for the nutrients, you will find vitamin B2, B5, B3, and potassium in just one cup of joe! Time to drink up. 


As mentioned previously, caffeine will help with blood flow and overall circulation. If you apply an eye cream, containing caffeine as a main ingredient, you will notice a reduction in inflammation, puffiness and swelling! 


What does coffee really do you to when you drink a cup? Wake you up, right? Well, it does the exact same thing to your skin. If you apply caffeine to your skin, let's say as a mask, the stimulating properties will improve blood flow making your skin look brighten, more radiant and AWAKE. 

Creating an at-home scrub sounds fun, natural and totally affordable, but is also super effective! An at-home coffee scrub will exfoliate your dead skin and leave your skin feeling smooth, refreshed and radiant.
Ground coffee in comparison to sand or sugar is also a lot better for your skin because it is a lot less harsh and won't irritate the skin - amazing, right? 
Don't you just love coffee even more now? We sure do! 


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