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Hey Beauties,                                                                                          

Did you know that micro-needling is one of hottest trends in skin care today? Want to know why? YASSS… I thought so!

It consists of a hand roller tool with 192 tiny needles (0.2mm depth) that you gently roll over your face (6-9 times in each area). Pretty straightforward, right? Well, it came to my surprise that microneedling has a very long list of benefits for your skin. And yes, it does seem a little intimidating at first, but really, it’s virtually pain-free! #YAS

Now, what does microneedling do? To sum it up quickly, it literally transforms the appearance of your skin, by a natural healing process, which improves the overall function of your skins’ natural biology and results in healthier looking skin!

The needles create hundreds of micro-channels that ensure 100% infusion of topical treatment products. This means improved penetration…. which is why you want to be sure to use the cleanest products to nourish and protect your skin following the treatment! Don’t forget this important step.

TA DAH…. INTRODUCING SKINVACIOUS… we love this Canadian brand because it offers an amazing, super effective roller with two topical skin care products to nourish and protect the skin, following the procedure.

Revitalization Serum (nourish) and Essential Face Oil (protect): These two products are designed and formulated specifically for post procedure purposes, as they contain all natural ingredients (hyaluronic acid) with nutrients required to promote skin change = healthy and balanced skin.

Here are the amazing benefits of microneedling; as a mentioned previously are pretty impressive! Microneedling has a direct correlation with skin radiance, uniformity, firmness and tonicity. It improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles #byebyeaging, as well as hyperpigmentation #byebyesunspots. It also reduces the appearance of large pores, scarring (acne scarring), redness and rosacea, acne breakouts… and more. Results are noticeable within a week and even more with continued use! #WOW

Overall, microneedling is a simple and easy to use home-care treatment that takes only 5 mins… with amazing and endless benefits!   It is safe to use daily, however, I would recommend it every other evening. Start off 1-2x weekly and work your way up – your skin will thank you.

Tip: roll on your neck and décolleté (prevention people!!) and don’t forget to apply the Revitalizing Serum and Essential Face Oil to nourish and protect (it’s for all skin types, even oily). My personal routine is every 2 days and I fit it in right before I brush my teeth #bedtime.

Get your hands on skinVacious and start rollin’ ladies (& gents). 

“Healthy skin begins with you” – skinVacious

Tasch xxx



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