In a world where the answer to every skincare question can be found at the tip of our fingers, and skincare products are found wherever we turn our heads––how can we be certain we’re choosing the products that are right for our skin? How can we be sure our choices are informed and that our sources are reliable?


How can we know we’ve finally found the product that will fulfill its promise to change our lives?


This is the reason why the BSE virtual consultation came to life. Alongside the onset of the global pandemic, the team at BSE went full virtual in order to be of service to our amazing customers who are seeking that extra guidance we have to offer.


Not only is the virtual consult designed to help you create a skincare regime that helps you reach your skin goals without the hassle of product trial and error, but it will save you loads of money in the long run. Gone are the days of choosing products that simply don’t work!


BSE is one of the first to offer this virtual service, which is why I wanted to take the time to walk you through my full consultation experience and hopefully give you a little bit more insight on how the process goes. And most of all: I hope it encourages you to take the time to schedule one for yourself or a loved one this holiday season. You deserve it!




The advantages of a virtual consultation are extensive: not only do I not have to leave my home to meet with a real-life, medical skincare professional, but the process was also incredibly simple. I began by taking the Skin Quiz, which referred me to one of the three consultation options that are currently being offered online:


  1. The Consult ($25): this consultation is designed to gather a bit more knowledge about your skincare experience. After this, the BSE team will figure out which products will work best for the results you want. Their medical aestheticians will then work alongside you to come up with a personalized regimen for your skincare journey.
  2. The Advanced Skin Analysis ($40): right from the start, your skincare professional will ask you a few questions about your diet and lifestyle habits. From there, you’ll discuss your goals and how to take the steps towards achieving them.
  3. The Virtual Treatment ($45): this one is designed for skincare savants – you know who you are! Maybe you already have all of the products, but require a bit more guidance when it comes to application. The Virtual Treatment offers a holistic approach to the at-home spa experience, so you can follow the steps to detox in the comfort of your own space using a skincare plan that’s suited to your needs.


Once I had chosen my option, I was redirected to a calendar where I could schedule my appointment on my own terms, whenever it suited me best. The last step before confirmation was to fill out a short questionnaire which prompted me to jot down a bit of information about myself (including my age, my skin type, etc.) and any of my skincare-related concerns.


On the day of my appointment, I was introduced to my medical aesthetician who immediately made me most at ease. As opposed to feeling like I was at a doctor’s appointment, I felt like I was sitting down with a long-time friend to have a simple––yet highly informative––discussion about my skin over a warm cup of tea.


While I’ve never been a big fan of virtual calls, I greatly appreciated the intimacy and the layer of trust my computer screen created between my aesthetician and myself. The fact that I wasn’t up close and personal made me feel more comfortable talking about my skin concerns, and the fact that I wasn’t surrounded by products or pushed to make a post-consult purchase removed the pressure that oftentimes looms when visiting a spa.


I explained to my aesthetician how I’ve struggled more with my skin in the past two years than ever (even compared to my teenage years!). Apart from experiencing monthly outbreaks of adult acne, I’ve also welcomed stress-induced eczema outbreaks and have had to cover red blotches and blemishes daily. 


My skincare expert took notes, asked me a few questions to deepen my answers from the questionnaire, and then proceeded to explain a bit of the science behind why I was experiencing these troubles. You’ll see: skincare goes deep!




From our consultation, I learned that there was no way my skin would improve without dealing with the root issue at hand: inflammation.


Therefore, my skincare professional took note of any allergies or intolerances I may have to certain ingredients and informed me that she would rapidly draft a list of products she recommends for the wellbeing of my skin.


Evidently, all products are carried by BSE, and all of them are professional-grade products.


Professional-grade products (also commonly referred to as cosmetic and medical-grade) promise better results for the simple reason that all of the money poured into the product funding heads straight to ingredient research and development. The majority of products you’ll find in general stores or pharmacies tend to focus more on the marketing and packaging––inciting you to buy their product for its look, as opposed to its ingredient quality.


A few days after my consult, I received an email containing the general guidelines and recommended products for my new and improved skincare routine. What’s even better is that my aesthetician prepared two lists with different routines, that gave me a little wiggle room with regards to price and my preferences, making it super accessible.


Each product listed contains a link that redirects me to the BSE website, where I can read more about the product’s details and how-to-use instructions. For example, here are a few things that were recommended for me:
















Last but not least, the consultation fee was redeposited with my following purchase. You may also be delighted to know that you can always select the PayBright option at checkout, which allows you to fragment your total payment at later dates (4 equal payments every 2 weeks), and shipping is free on orders over $59 (and comes with sample goodies!).




At BSE, skincare is like a dance. The meeting with your aesthetician allows you to build a comfortable relationship with an expert, who establishes your confidence and will follow you along the way to check in on your skin. Within the next 4 to 6 weeks of your consult, they reach out to make sure the products are working efficiently, that your skin is reacting the way it should be, and of course, to answer any questions or concerns that pop up along the way


With this process, there is no better way to pinpoint exactly which products are right for you––and there’s no better way to finally achieve the skin of your dreams. On that note, I encourage you to take care of the skin you are in this month and give it all the love it deserves.


Until next time,



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