Why Professional (Vs Retail) Products?


Boutique Skin Envie is an e-commerce platform, boutique & medi-spa.  We are proud to offer what we refer to as “professional” beauty care brands (for skin and body care, make-up etc.).  To clarify, this means we promote and offer brands which are used in businesses that provide treatment services, such as a day spa, medical (medi) spa, doctor’s office (dermatologist/plastic surgeon) or skin care clinic.

What does this mean, when compared to beauty care brands found in retail chains and department stores, for example Sephora?  There are quite a few differentiators; we will focus on the most important*. 


Designed to solve problems and challenges, we find higher concentrations of actives and performance-based ingredients in professional lines (particularly medical-grade, such as iS Clinical and Rejudicare, which promise clinical-strength results).  As professional brands are used and recommended by certified and trained aestheticians and/or skin care experts (who see your skin, without make-up and under a magnifying lamp), it’s only natural that they offer a higher level of potency than retail brands, who tend to stay on the safer-side in terms of strength.


While retail brands invest huge dollars towards marketing (advertising, packaging, texture and scents) targeting the masses, professional brands tend to invest in research & development (R & D) due to statistics**.  As such, these brands use cutting-edge technologies with new and patented ingredients, in order to provide the latest and greatest solutions to achieve results.


We assure you, with utmost confidence, that the quality of ingredients found in professional brands to be superior.  This is due to their purity, source, grade and formulations.  Examples include: Vitamin A (also known as Retinol) which is offered in higher concentrations (%) and manufactured under extremely strict conditions with comprehensive formulations, in order to ensure maximum potency, efficacy, results and safety (skin tolerance).   Also, we find more complex formulations of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), including: Liposomal Encapsulated HA, Cross-Linked HA, Ultra-Low Molecular Weight HA, Traditional HA and HA Boosters & Peptides.  We could go on and on, but we think you get the point.  Bottom line? Professional brands are designed to achieve and maximize results, in all areas of concern, with the guidance and expertise of qualified, trained skin care experts.


Professional brands use the most current delivery systems (vehicles), which are committed to ensuring that the targeted ingredients are actually absorbed into the skin.  The skin is the largest organ; it’s job is to work as the ultimate protector (it is impermeable, regulates temperature, protects the inner organs and works as a barrier).  Ingredients can be fussy and just because they are determined as great and effective, doesn’t mean your skin will benefit if not properly absorbed into the epidermis and dermis.  If penetration of the actives doesn’t happen, you won’t see results… period.


Professional products are comprehensive, meaning they often do more than one thing and perform multiple complementary actions on the skin.  When dealing with challenging conditions, such as hyperpigmentation or acne, it is imperative to look at the root of the problem and to solve it with various ingredient options, which includes analyzing all angles.  For example: a product targeting hyperpigmentation or brown spots (using Alpha-Arbutin) may also treat inflammation (with Turmeric) as well as fine lines & wrinkles (with Retinol).  Hyperpigmentation is often an indication of repeated UV A/B exposure over time… it is a sign of skin maturity (age) and is often accompanied by fine lines & wrinkles, lack of firmness and redness.  Pre-mature ageing (and ageing in general) is accelerated when the skin is inflamed, hence the intention to also calm and soothe.  You see what we mean by “advanced formulations” that compliment each other? Yassss! Read on please…


A sensorial experience is also super important.  Everyone loves a product that is cosmetically elegant, that feels and smells delicious! Honestly, the experience has to be awesome, right?  Have you ever noticed the difference by between pharmacy, department store and professional products?  If not, we highly suggest you do the test (if you’re interested, you can visit each industry segment and try the testers).  Why miss out on the ultimate sensorial and product experience… it’s what we call epic!

So, here comes the big question…


We want you to know that having great skin, doesn’t just come from using great products.  As important is your daily routine and habits; making sure they are optimized for prevention and treatment (minimize cause & maximize results). This includes a proper diet, hydration (drinking water), regular facials (every 2-3 months), enough sleep/rest, following proper hygiene guidelines, staying away from the sun and using products to treat, hydrate and protect (SPF 30) your skin.  The more advanced the ingredients and technologies, as described above, the better results you will have.  If you have problem skin, have areas you want to improve and/or are motivated to enhance and maintain your beautiful youthful complexion, we HIGHLY recommend going with professional products.  They do not not cost more, in fact we challenge you to compare!  By investing in professional products, you can count on better results (= value).  No matter what your motivation is, you will definitely find the professional skin care brand to suit every possible priority (vegan, organic, natural, luxury, clinical and medical etc.). 

If you have questions or concerns, we welcome you to contact us at info@bskinenvie.ca.  We have a team of experts ready to guide and assist you in making the right choice, based on your concerns, objectives and of course budget.


Tasch xxx

* Please note that this a general explanation, from our point of view; is intended for your information only.  It is in no way to put down or negatively disregard one industry segment vs. the other.  Most skin care brands share the same goals, which are to provide options and solutions to improve beauty care challenges and for hydration purposes.

** Industry statistics indicate that globally, only (approximately) 7-8% of the population has ever visited or experienced a service in a day spa, or alike.  This indicates that the service based industry has far less consumers than the retail industry, hence their focus on R & D vs. marketing.

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